Month: August 2005

Ordinance #159

An ordinance vacating a part of Laurel Street and amending ordinance number 10 – NOT ADOPTED

Ordinance #158

An ordinance of the Rush Township Board of Supervisors modifying the sewer tapping fee for all connections to the township’s Hometown and Lake Hauto sanitary sewer collection system, as required by Act 57 and establishing an inspection fee for each connection.

Resolution 2005-11

Resolution authorizing Rush Township to recognize Hometown Fire Company and Quakake Volunteer Fire Company and officially accord them the status as volunteer fire companies.

Ordinance #157

An ordinance of Rush Township, declaring the operation of an engine brake installed upon or in a gasoline powered or diesel powered motor vehicle not equipped with exhaust mufflers so as to permit the creation of excessive noise through the employment of said engine brake to be a nuisance in fact and establishing penalties for violation of said ordinance.

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