2020 Census

Good morning, Residents! This is just an early informational post that Rush Township will be participating in the decennial census for 2020. You will be receiving a mailing in the first quarter of 2020 from the Census Bureau, and your participation in completing this form is essential!

Why Participate?
* Governments that participate in LUCA (Local Update of Census Addresses) help ensure an accurate decennial census count for their communities.
* An accurate count helps the federal government annually allocate more than $675 billion across 26 federal agencies for tribal, state, and local government programs and services.
* Data is used to distribute federal funds for over 1000 programs administered by 26 federal agencies to tribal, state, and local governments
* Provides statistical support for grant applications that fund community and regional development, education, agriculture, energy, and environmental programs, as well as other needed community improvements and enhancements.
* To help your community plan for future needs.

Thank you.

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