Update to 2020 Easter Egg Hunt

Update on the Easter Egg Hunt!

Due to growing Coronavirus concerns, Rush Township is making a change to how we do the Easter Egg Hunt this year.  The hunt will still be held on Saturday, April 4th at noon, however, instead of it taking place at Miller Park, it shall be conducted as a Drive-Up Easter Egg Hunt at the Township Building.  Each vehicle will enter the parking lot, drive up to the volunteers, and inform them of the age of the children in the vehicle.  The volunteers will hand a basket of Easter eggs for each child through the car windows. Once you receive the basket(s), please exit the parking lot so the next vehicle can move ahead.


**If you have not registered your child for the Easter Egg Hunt, you must do so by Wednesday, March 25th.  Please call the office at 570-668-2938 to register.

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