Category: Ordinances

Ordinance 210

Ordinance 210 Ordinance regulating the nomination, approval and removal of Special Fire Police Officers.

Ordinance 209

Ordinance 209 Ordinance requiring the Volunteer Fire Company submit an annual audit of its accounts by an auditor chosen by Rush Township.

Ordinance 208

Ordinance requiring permits for Mobile Food Facilities (Food Trucks), creating exceptions, establishing regulations, and prescribing penalties for violations. Ordinance 208

Ordinance 207

Ordinance that requires a permit for any construction or development Ordinance 207

Ordinance 206

Ordinance that prohibits the depositing of snow debris onto neighboring property or public street, right-of-way, drain or inlet. Ordinance 206

Ordinance 205

Authorizes the Board of Supervisors of a township to adopt an ordinance to secure the safety of persons or property within the township and to define disturbing the peace within the limits of the township. Ordinance 205  

Ordinance 204

The Eastern Schuylkill Regional Planning Joint Zoning Ordinance Ordinance Enactment and Effective Date Ordinance 204

Ordinance 203

The Eastern Schuylkill Regional Planning Joint Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Ordinance Enactment and Effective Date Ordinance 203

Ordinance 202

Amending Rush Township Ordinance No. 187 to prohibit the accumulation of junk, both exposed and covered by tarpulins or the like, on the exterior of premises; and to prohibit the parking of motor vehicles without a license plate or a valid inspection sticker on the exterior of premises. Ordinance 202

Ordinance 201

An ordinance of Rush Township, Schuylkill County, Commonwealth of PA, repealing and replacing Rush Township Ordinance No. 197; setting standards and regulations for the application for and approval of person with disability or severely disabled Veteran parking spaces; setting an application fee for administrative purposes, proscribing certain actions; and establishing penalties for violations. Ordinance 201

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