Category: Ordinances

Ordinance #191

An ordinance establishing regulations for the government of fire companies which are located with Rush Township by prohibiting persons with certain criminal histories from joining members of fire companies located within Rush Township.

Ordinance #190

An ordinance approving collection procedure and adopting interest and schedule f attorney fees and charges to be added to the amount collected as part of unpaid sewer and trash fees for delinquent accounts.

Ordinance #189

An ordinance prohibiting the disturbances of the peace within Rush Township and providing penalties for violations.

Ordinance #188

An ordinance requiring all persons, partnerships, businesses, and corporations to obtain a permit for any construction or development; providing for the issuance of such permits; setting forth certain minimum requirements for new construction and development within areas of the Township of Rush which are subject to flooding; and establishing penalties for any persons who fail, or refuse to comply with, the requirements or provisions of this ordinance.

Ordinance #187

An ordinance adopting the International Property Maintenance Code

Ordinance #186

Refinancing of the Township Building Loan

Ordinance #185

Refinancing of the Township Loan

Ordinance #184

An ordinance amending certain provisions of Rush Township ordinance No 112-94, titled Transient Retail Business Ordinance.

Ordinance #183

An ordinance amending ordinance #180 to provide definitions of recreational fire and ceremonial fire, and to amend the notice provisions of section 3C5.

Ordinance #182

An ordinance prohibiting nuisances, providing for exceptions, requiring notice, prescribing penalties for violations, and repealing Rush Township ordinance #82

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