Category: Ordinances

Ordinance #188

An ordinance requiring all persons, partnerships, businesses, and corporations to obtain a permit for any construction or development; providing for the issuance of such permits; setting forth certain minimum requirements for new construction and development within areas of the Township of Rush which are subject to flooding; and establishing penalties for any persons who fail, or refuse to comply with, the requirements or provisions of this ordinance.

Ordinance #187

An ordinance adopting the International Property Maintenance Code

Ordinance #186

Refinancing of the Township Building Loan

Ordinance #185

Refinancing of the Township Loan

Ordinance #184

An ordinance amending certain provisions of Rush Township ordinance No 112-94, titled Transient Retail Business Ordinance.

Ordinance #183

An ordinance amending ordinance #180 to provide definitions of recreational fire and ceremonial fire, and to amend the notice provisions of section 3C5.

Ordinance #182

An ordinance prohibiting nuisances, providing for exceptions, requiring notice, prescribing penalties for violations, and repealing Rush Township ordinance #82

Ordinance #181

An ordinance providing that certain fire losses the insurer having a policy with respect to such loss shall transfer insurance proceeds to the treasurer of Rush Township, to be used to pay delinquent taxes and other municipal claims or held as security and used to pay the total cost of removing, repairing, or securing the damaged building, and providing for penalties for violations.

Ordinance #180

An ordinance amending ordinance 89 of the code of the Township of Rush Regulating and restricting open burning.

Ordinance #179

An ordinance adopting a schedule of attorney fees incurred in the collection of any delinquent account, including municipal claims, municipal liens, taxes, tax claims and tax liens, imposing such fees on delinquent account debtors and imposing out of pocket expenses on delinquent account debtors.

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