Category: Resolutions

Resolution 2021-11

Resolution regarding Act 57 of 2020 requiring Rush Township to report to the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) when a police officer separates from his/her employment with Rush Township.  When a part-time police officer has not worked a shift for a period of 90 days, Rush Township may consider said officer to […]

Resolution 2021-10

Resolution adopting Ordinance 207 regulating construction or development in the floodplain.   Resolution 2021-10

Resolution 2021-09

Resolution allowing Board of Supervisors to designate Snow Emergency Routes.   Resolution 2021-09

Resolution 2021-08

Resolution allowing Board of Supervisors to appoint a certified or competent public accountant to audit accounts.   Resolution 2021-08

Resolution 2021-07

Resolution to appoint one voting delegate and one or more alternate delegates to the Tax Collection Committee (TCC).   Resolution 2021-07

Resolution 2021-06

Resolution regarding Comprehensive Inspection Agency   Resolution 2021-06

Resolution 2021-05

Resolution to set Hometown Sewer fees for 2021.   Resolution 2021-05

Resolution 2021-04

Resolution to set Lake Hauto Sewer fees for 2021.   Resolution 2021-04

Resolution 2021-03

Resolution to set garbage and recycling fees for 2021.   Resolution 2021-03

Resolution 2021-02

Resolution requiring two (2) signatures, one of a Supervisor and the other of the Treasurer, on all Fund accounts.   Resolution 2021-02

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