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Medical Marijuana Policy

Marijuana Policy 2020

Resolution 2020-09

A resolution empowering and directing the proper officers of the governing board to appoint a liaison between it and Berkheimer, the appointed Local Tax collector for the district. Resolution 2020-09

Resolution 2020-08

A resolution assigning certain duties to elected auditors of Rush Twp. Resolution 2020-08

Resolution 2020-07

A resolution to appoint one voting delegate and one or more alternate delegates to be their Tax Collection Committee (TCC) representatives. Resolution 2020-07

Resolution 2020-05

A resolution setting a Hometown sewer collection and disposal fee of $178.00 per quarter. Resolution 2020-05

Resolution 2020-04

A resolution setting a Lake Hauto sewer collection and disposal fee of $144 per quarter. Resolution 2020-04

Resolution 2020-03

A resolution setting garbage and recycling and disposal fee of $194 per year. Resolution 2020-03

Resolution 2020-02

A resolution resolving that accounts shall require 2 signatures. Resolution 2020-02

Resolution 2020-01

A resolution establishing the fee structure for sewage enforcement work and sewage permits and the appointment of sewage enforcement officers within Rush Township. Resolution 2020-01

Resolution 2019-21

A resolution to levy taxes withing Rush Township. Resolution 2019-21

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