June 2021 Board Monthly Meeting

June 2021 Board minutes

Tamaqua Transfer holidays 2021

The following are the remainder of the 2021 holidays for Tamaqua Transfer, where garbage will be delayed a day: Labor Day, Sept 6, 2021:  Monday’s garbage will be picked up on Tuesday the 7th, and Friday’s garbage will be picked up on Saturday the 11th. Thanksgiving, Nov 25, 2021.  Friday’s garbage will be picked up […]

Police Chief Job Posting 7-6-21

Chief Job Posting – Comprehensive 7-6-21

Resolution 2021-15

A resolution adopting the Municipal Records Retention Schedules Resolution 2021-15

May 2021 Board Monthly Meeting

May 2021 Board minutes

April 2021 Board Monthly Meeting

April 2021 Board minutes

March 2021 Board Monthly Meeting

March 2021 Board minutes

Ordinance 207

Ordinance that requires a permit for any construction or development Ordinance 207

Ordinance 206

Ordinance that prohibits the depositing of snow debris onto neighboring property or public street, right-of-way, drain or inlet. Ordinance 206

UCC Application Package 2021

UCC Application Package 2021

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