March 2020 Board Monthly Minutes

March 2020 Minutes

2020 Census Invitations have been mailed

The 2020 Census is underway and is ready for America to respond. The first invitations are arriving in the mail at an estimated 140 million households between last Thursday, March 12 and this Friday, March 20. Plan to include everyone you expect to live in your home on April 1.

A message from the Rush Twp Tax Collector 3/16/20

In the light of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, the President declaring a National Emergency, the Governor Tom Wolf closing schools and public places, and in an effort to help keep tax payers safe, I am taking a Pro-active approach and all in-person tax collections have been cancelled until further notice.  My office will […]

Update to 2020 Easter Egg Hunt

Update on the Easter Egg Hunt! Due to growing Coronavirus concerns, Rush Township is making a change to how we do the Easter Egg Hunt this year.  The hunt will still be held on Saturday, April 4th at noon, however, instead of it taking place at Miller Park, it shall be conducted as a Drive-Up […]

2020 Census Forms

Please note that you should be receiving a Census packet in the mail.  It is crucial that you complete the forms and mail them back in a timely manner.  Thank you.

Medical Marijuana Policy

Marijuana Policy 2020

Resolution 2020-09

A resolution empowering and directing the proper officers of the governing board to appoint a liaison between it and Berkheimer, the appointed Local Tax collector for the district. Resolution 2020-09

Resolution 2020-08

A resolution assigning certain duties to elected auditors of Rush Twp. Resolution 2020-08

Resolution 2020-07

A resolution to appoint one voting delegate and one or more alternate delegates to be their Tax Collection Committee (TCC) representatives. Resolution 2020-07

Resolution 2020-05

A resolution setting a Hometown sewer collection and disposal fee of $178.00 per quarter. Resolution 2020-05

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