Ordinance 207

Ordinance that requires a permit for any construction or development Ordinance 207

Ordinance 206

Ordinance that prohibits the depositing of snow debris onto neighboring property or public street, right-of-way, drain or inlet. Ordinance 206

UCC Application Package 2021

UCC Application Package 2021

Resolution 2021-14

Resolution 2021-14 Resolution requesting a grant from DCNR to be used for the continuing rehabilitation of Ryan Memorial Park

Resolution 2021-13

Resolution 2021-13 Resolution establishing an operation and maintenance schedule for the maintenance employees and Ryan Memorial Park Committee

Resolution 2021-12

Resolution 2021-12 Resolution regulating construction or development in floodplain, and establishing fees for an appeal from any action or decision by the Floodplain Administrator

Spring 2021 Branch Pickup

Branch pickup for Spring 2021 will begin Monday, April 26th through Friday, May 7th.  Please have all branches curbside!  Thank you.

February 2021 Board Monthly Meeting

February 2021 Board minutes

January 2021 Board Monthly Meeting

January 2021 Board minutes

Resolution 2021-11

Resolution regarding Act 57 of 2020 requiring Rush Township to report to the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) when a police officer separates from his/her employment with Rush Township.  When a part-time police officer has not worked a shift for a period of 90 days, Rush Township may consider said officer to […]

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